BEAUTY REDEFINED; Black is Beautiful, Again

Ain’t it funny how all of a sudden, the love for melanin and the natural afro hair has grown so popular. We see our ladies now posting hashtags such as #MelaninLoaded, #MelaninGoddess to mention but a few. Where did time go? It feels like just yesterday when nobody wanted to be “black”. It was as though being black was a crime. Everybody was bleaching. Nobody could understand. If you were black, then sorry ‘cos you are likely going to receive a bashful comment from someone on your timeline, be advised to do something about your “color” situation, or well, just land in a funny meme, thus, if you are lucky enough. The love for light skin was, and is still shocking. Of course hashtags were all over with popular ones being #LightSkinBae and #TeamLightSkin. What did melanin do to society? Surprising how skin pigmentation could become such a big deal. The war against people with #MelaninOverdose has been existent for a very, very long time. It’s always funny how it seems as though black people began their existence during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade era. Anyhow, there was never a time when young ladies hated themselves this much because of the color of their skin than we have seen during our generation. One could side with the fact that society has played a massive role in turning the minds of young, black and beautiful women against their own selves. How pathetic!

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When did it all begin?

It is said that when the manna created this earth 🌏 HE grew so fond of it.

He returned every night to rest.

When did paradise become hell?

From the start, even the conquest was a regrettable misunderstanding.

It was never about civilization, never about race or tribe.

It was always about greed, arrogance, and power.

But when we finally grasp the hour, It was too late!

The nonchalant and irresponsible attitude of the security agencies during the massacre of members of Andani Family by the so-called fighters of Abudulai family and Bolin Lana made indelible impressions on my mind.

The kingdom is called Dagbon. Branches of the royal family: Abudu and Andani families. The two branches were brought into being by the first and second sons of Ya-Na Yakubu the first who ruled Dagbon from 1824-1849. The first son was Abudulai and the second son was Andani. They had different mothers and they succeeded to the throne one after the other. Abudulai succeeded his father Naa Yakubu the first in 1849 and ruled until 1876. He was succeeded by his half-brother.

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When this question is asked, the most likely answer people give is that a mother is a woman who gave birth to them. Some further says she is someone who is loving, kind etc. But I want to ask, is it only blood that makes a mother or any other family relation? You may wonder why my focus is on a mother (females) but not the father (males).

Women have suffered greatly from several practices in the past such as Female Genital Mutilation also known as F.G.M, widowhood rites, some also sent to witch camps accused of being a witch, “bragoro”, “dipo”, etc. These practices are what some women in Ghana experienced but different or similar rites may have occurred in other parts of the world especially Africa. But most of these practices are outmoded and abolished in our modern world.

But why is it that some women still suffer from the hands of their in-laws or even spouse for not bearing a child. Some of our local movies vividly portray how in-laws especially the man’s mother and sisters emotionally and sometimes physically abuse the woman. I have seen instances of such act which is why I am sensitive. Some go to the extreme length of calling the woman “barren”.

But why do we jump into conclusion and name the woman barren? The problem might not even be from the woman but rather the man. But no! We pronounce ourselves medical practitioners, diagnose and proclaim the woman barren when no medical knowledge has been sought.

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You Define You!

My name is Samuel Eduaful, a mobility impaired or physically challenged person. I lost my ability to walk at the age of five through some mysterious circumstances which brought me into a different world. A world full of negative perceptions about the capabilities of persons living with disabilities, discrimination, and exclusion. Nevertheless, I was able to turn all these obstacles to my tentacles. In other words, I managed to surmount all barriers and now I’m holding Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Work with Sociology from University of Ghana.


Unforgettable Memories

Right from primary school up to the University, I didn’t get things easy mingling with “nondisabled” colleague students who only saw me as a “laughing stock” because of my disability. Before I got admission to study at the University of Ghana, I had applied to Fosu Training College (FOSCO) but I was denied admission because their environment was inaccessible to me. So, during the interview session, one-panel member advised me to try other Universities, especially University of Ghana in particular because they have better facilities to accommodate my needs. When I finally got admission to UG I thought the place would be my “heaven” with regards to accessibility to lecture halls, hall of residence, offices, etc. but it was a different story altogether. I arrived at the University’s campus on the 10th of October 2014 and I remember my first day at lectures was 16th October 2014 at JQB22 where I witness my first tragedy. Continue reading “You Define You!”


Sanitation an essential need of a nation, which promotes a healthy living among individuals in a nation.
Over the years Ghana as a nation has failed to manage its sanitation system which has caused a lot of disasters in the nation. In the year 2015 Update and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Assessment, the joint – monitoring report released in July 2015, noted Ghana’s challenge to improve sanitation had become starker with the country dropping ‘’even further amongst the worst performing countries’’. Per the report Ghana was ranked the 7th dirtiest country in the world; the worst above all is 7,500 children die annually in Ghana from diarrhea that is linked to unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.

The report above has awakened my inner core and resurrected my awareness on sanitation in my beloved country. Surprisingly, no one has taken the pain to provide measures with an urgency to deal with the shocking revelations in the report up to date. Not even the individuals in position have tried to set a national agenda to eradicate the poor sanitation system in the country, the media and the citizens have also been quiet. Such behavior of all in the country is what I just can’t fathom.



I have questions but no concrete answers to them yet.
What does it mean to love?
How does one identify the feeling of love?
What manifestation of the human mind and body brings about the declaration of love?

♥ What does it mean to love?
Is it putting them first above all other things? Or
Is it pledging our undying loyalty? Or
Is it embracing their faults no matter how twisted? Or
Is it acknowledging their wrongs and showing forgiveness wholly and truly?
Are these and others not mentioned here the foundation of what it means to love someone?

♥ How does one identify the feeling of love?
When are we able to identify and conclude that feelings emanating is that of love?
Is it through the eyes that one identifies that feeling? The eyes see their perfectly sculpted physical features, laughter, anger, movement and mannerism in general. If this is true, then what happens when that particular attribute that was the main force of attraction is nonexistent?
Are we in love because of how industrious they are? Or
How brilliant their minds work? Or
How they care for others? Or
Are we drawn to the power they hold? Or
Is it how feisty and carefree they are? Or
Do we fall out of love then, when they lose these and others not mentioned?

What manifestation of the human mind and body prompts the declaration of love?
Basically, what pushes one to declare their love for another?
Is it the mind, body or both that give one validation to declare one’s love?

Bottom line, the question here is when you tell someone that you love them is your mind or a tingling sensation in your body that prompts that declaration of love?

Jessica Nti​​​​​​​​​​        
SpreadAid International​​​​​​​​​            
Writers' HuB​​​​​​​​

My Motherland

My motherland is the most beautiful place ever
I’ve not traveled far, I’ve not gone beyond her borders
But I know that I’d never cherished any other land than I do her
The land of my birth
A land I swear Allegiance to
A land I will love till the end of time
Our history teaches us you have been through a lot but you still stand strong
And you hold as dear as we do same too
Words can’t express how much I love you my motherland
My motherland, my black star
My motherland, my bedrock
Although we are currently in turmoil we know you will pull through, we know you will make it as you have done over the years, for posterity awaits you
Long live Ghana my motherland

Akosua Kyere
Writers' HuB
SpreadAid International

Flight of Imagination

Remember those days when creativity was just for the artist? Well, gone are those days, even though that mentality still exists in some cases. Creativity is one of the most valuable skills in today’s complex world. Businesses now look for creative employees and entrepreneurs who are basically artists in suits. I remember about three years ago when I was in the university my friend and I wanted to start a business (you know, these days everyone wants to be an entrepreneur) and we set out to think of something that has never been done before. It was never a possibility because there is nothing new under the sun. In fact, it was until that point that I properly understood and came to terms with that phrase, “We searched, listed and thought through every option possible but came to no fruition”. So we then decided, since every old thing has been redone in a different way, then we should also do the redone things in a different way as well.

Creativity is nothing more than doing old things in a different way. In fact, everyone is creative. If you solve problems in a different way, you’re creative. And with enough practice, everyone can think more creatively. I always challenge myself to come up with a novel way of doing something and I do this purposefully to be different from the rest of the pack. I mean what’s the point of life in you, if you don’t stand out. I always want to be the last man standing even when am just ‘lazying’ about sitting. And this is the most satisfying thing on earth aside eating my favorite meal.

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Forget Me Not

In a Greek legend, God had named all the plants when a tiny one who had not gotten named exclaimed, “forget me not, O Lord.” God replied, “That shall be your name.”
In the Greek legend, when the Creator thought he had finished coloring the flowers, He heard one whisper, “Forget me not.” There were no colors remaining except a very small amount of blue, pale blue, and the forget-me-not flower was delighted to wear it.
To me, aside from the sunflower, the forget-me-not flower was easier to remember and spell compared to others like the Columbine and bougainvillea. Of course, I responded to its call in my Integrated Science exercise books and examination papers right from third grade.

Interestingly enough, I was told I could find a lot of the forget-me-not flowers at a nearby cemetery. Perhaps, it could be a message from the people in the unseen world to those in the living or vice versa.
Growing up, I hear a deeper calling of the forget-me-not. I hear it from the children in the streets, in orphanages and in forsaken parts of our world; all reaching out to me saying “forget-me-not.”

Forget Not The Children
Credit: Rose Pamela Help Save a Live and Orphans

To each one of us, there is a “forget-me-not” that would keep us awake if we paid attention well enough to listen. To one, it could be your family waiting for you to break a poverty cycle. To another, it could be a call for you to reject a bribe and save the banking, educational or industrial system. Whatever the case may be to you, learn not to ignore the calling of your purpose on earth saying, “forget me not.”


By: Dzagbletey Nenebie Faith Adabah Julius

Silent Scream

Everywhere in our country it is heard. Much louder than the sound of ten rockets blasting into space. It silently makes its voice known everywhere, yet amazingly my beloved country seems deaf to its moans and even screams. Oh, how it saddens my heart. Like the African woman so elegant in beauty we are so endowed with resources enviable by our European counterparts, yet so under-utilized. Talk of the timber, gold, fertile lands, rivers, bauxite to mention a few but then the state of our economy screams at us.

We refuse to use our beautiful brains and abundant human resources, therefore, making the choice to live in abject poverty. When will we realize that our economy is really communicating something to us, the more reason it remains a silent scream? When will the youth choose to be elements of change rather than distraction? Instead of being reactive let’s choose to be proactive. When we change our attitudes and stop expecting to be spoon-fed, then we can use our energy and God-given talents to work towards becoming better versions of ourselves.

Instead of being selfish we can help one another because there is growth in communal effort. Then our nation will take its rightful place.


By Beulah Mensah

The Pride of Your Old Age

I remember when I was a kid, my class teacher would ask us one after the other, “what do you want to be in the future?” Professions like doctor, nurse, banker, pilot would be mentioned. In recent times, several schools organize something they call “career day” where kids wear costumes signifying their dream profession. Parents look on with pride but most importantly the kids feel a sense of purpose in life and they strive hard to achieve it.

But there comes the painful moment when we realize that insufficient educational funds can shift our dreams into something we never imagined. It has happened to many people around us to the point where siblings have to stay home and watch other siblings complete a certain level of schooling before they can continue with theirs.

Why do I say these things? The little you can give today can be used to invest in someone else’s future. I will urge everyone not to consider giving as a chore but as a means to secure the future of these young ones. They are the future generation, the pride of our old age.
Thank you very much for making time out of your busy schedule to read this message.

God Bless you.



By Josephine Nyantakyi


Senior (Level 400)

University of Ghana

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